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July 2015

Fall-Autumn Wreath Project - Photo Gallery

Posted by cristialyse on September 23, 2012 at 1:21PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

A Home for My Books...the Hunt for a Fabulous & Functional Bookcase Part 2: A Diva’s Right to Change Design Direction

Thank you for all of your input on which of my previous mentioned bookcases I should buy.  It was much appreciated.  Although I still like all of those bookcases, this Diva has had a bit of a change in design direction. 

While perusing some of my favorite furniture sites, looking for a fabulous chaise for my master bedroom (another exhausting search), I stumbled upon a charming bookcase that was a combination of all my favorite things.  This bookcase was available in multiple colors (including one of my favorite shades of blue), portable, and best of all, available at a great price!!!
My current design scheme for my home is centered around different complimentary shades in the blue - bronze - green - orange family.  Finding a fabulous & functional bookcase that falls into that color combo family is wonderful...Having the option of easily moving the bookcase around without breaking my back is another plus...Not depleting my design budget on one piece of furniture, sends me over the moon!!!
Continue reading here
Posted by cristialyse on May 28, 2012 at 12:25AM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Glamorous Gardening

Now that I’m a homeowner, I’ve discovered that lawn and garden care are apart of the experience.  I don’t garden much due to drastic allergies, however, I do enjoy when possible, potting plants and growing flowers.  There’s something magical about watching a seed grow into a flower, vegetable or tree.
In true Diva fashion, I had to have some stylish garden tools before playing in the dirt.  So I ventured out to my local Lowes and Home Depot, however, I didn’t quite find any fashionable garden tools.  On the way home, disappointed yet still determined, I stopped by TJ Maxx to continue my search for a snazzy set of garden tools.  There I found just what I was looking for:  Fun, Functional, and Stylish Garden Tools!!!!
Ceila Birtwell Gardening Gloves ($5.99)

When I saw these gloves, I knew I had to have them.  Not only were they a combination of my favorite colors, blue and green, but they were also functional.  Additionally, at $5.99, this was a deal I couldn’t miss.
                                                                Ceila Birtwell Hand Tools ($9.99)

The hand tools set, consisting of a cultivator and trowel, were equally impressive.  The colors are rich and the print is fun.  After a few hours of potting plants, I didn’t notice any wear on the print or dulling of the tools.
Described as the “face that launched a thousand prints,” Ceila Birtwell is a famous textile designer and overall style icon.  She began her textile design career in 1963.  Her products can be found in many stores and on the web including Wild and WolfTJ MaxxAmazon, etc.
Once I finished potting my plants, I needed something chic to sit them on.  One of my favorite stores for home decor is Kirklands, and it’s one of my favorites because it never disappoints.   There I found a terrific 3 - tier stand that matches the decor of my living area with it’s rich bronze frame with blue, green, and tan accents.
                                                                  3 - Tier Plant Stand ($29.99)

My newly potted plants looked great on the stand, even though they were dead. LOL!!    Hopefully, my gardening skills will catch up to my frugal and fashionable designer skills.
Until next time...
Ready, Set, Garden!!!      
Posted by cristialyse on March 24, 2012 at 11:15PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Which Fabulous & Functional Bookcase Should I Choose?

In my latest blog post, "A Home for My Books...the Hunt for a Fabulous & Functional Bookcase," I featured four bookcases from one of my favorite sites, Home Decorators Collection.  I love each one of them, but can't choose which one I should purchase for my home.

I need your help...Please vote below and help me decide which Fabulous & Functional Bookcase should join my humble abode ;-)


Until next time...Ready, Set, Decorate!!!  Shopping

Posted by cristialyse on March 16, 2012 at 7:49PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

A Home for My Books...the Hunt for a Fabulous & Functional Bookcase

Bookworm One piece of furniture that I’m in desperate need of is a bookcase. I’m not talking about your grandpa’s bookcase that is clunky, antique, and unsightly. I’m thinking about one that is contemporary, stylish, sturdy, and overall, simply Functional and Fabulous!! My quest for such a bookcase has led me to many showrooms, furniture warehouses, and scouring the internet.

During my internet search, I stumbled across a few bookcases that embody all of the items on my wish list:

Montego 4 - Shelf Bookcase ~ $129 Reflections Bookcase ~ $399 Knot Bookcase ~ $279 Hangchu Display Shelf Bookcase ~ $749

I love how open, functional, and stylish these bookcases are.  The contemporary design is stunning, yet still allows plenty of room to showcase your books.  Also, if you have a lot of books like I do, and require more than one, these bookcases will look fabulous next to each other or adjacent in a room.

Check out this buying guide from Stylelist Home on finding the perfect bookcase for more tips to help you along your journey.


Until next time...Ready, Set, Design!!!

Posted by cristialyse on March 16, 2012 at 5:45PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

My Design - Fairy Godmothers: Decorating Books Edition

Ever read a book that captures your mind and imagination?  Well, that’s what happens to me when I read a good design book.  Now, I know you might be thinking, what makes a good design book?  Well, for me, it does the following:
  • Includes designs and ideas that can be adapted at any budget

  • Embraces designs created by masters of the trade, with the novice designer in mind

  • Contains lots of pictures, layouts, diagrams, etc.

  • Details “how - to”, if necessary

  • Lists Suppliers of materials, furniture, accent pieces, etc.

  • Has a gorgeous cover in an attractive color

My latest Design Book Obsessions are:

These are just a few of my favorite design books...Run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore and pick these up...
Until next time....
Ready, Set, Decorate...Decorating with Paint
Posted by cristialyse on March 12, 2012 at 9:40PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

Welcome to the Diva Design Diaries!!!!!!

I’m Cristi Alyse and my passion for design has taken me from being a Casual Observer - Decorating Dabbler - Furniture Fanatic - to a bonafide Design Diva!!! I love everything about the design process from concept to implementation. My life as an Engineer has sparked a love of all things design including machinery, jewelry, fashion, and of course, Furniture and Home Decor.  Continue reading below for more information on my design journey...

Posted by cristialyse on March 12, 2012 at 3:22PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

A Diva's Design Journey...

Why I decided to do this......

For years, I’ve dabbled in decorating. I’ve decorated my apartments and my friends' apartments over the years, from Alabama to Arizona. I specialize in finding design deals that don’t sacrifice quality or style, while staying true to capturing the person’s personality and functional needs. Honestly, I love expressing myself through my environment and over the years I’ve realized that my home is the ultimate canvass for expressing my personality.

Recently, I purchased my first home (YAY!!!!!) and I’ve discovered that personalizing a house to make it a home, is a bigger challenge than I expected. Once upon a time, when I was a professional renter, my design choices came rather easily. Since I could never paint the walls or knock them down, my design choices were limited to decor. That’s my comfort zone. I can pick out furniture and correlate accent pieces without much trouble. However, now that I’m a homeowner, I’ve had to step outside of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge to window dressings, paint finishes, hardware, landscaping, and everything else that comes with owning a home. Yikes!!! Although I get overwhelmed at times, I throughly enjoy the process. It’s exciting, refreshing, and challenging to be 100% in control over what happens in my home.

My Design Journey...

This blog is therefore a chronicle of my journey of making my new house MY HOME!!!! I’m sure there will be mistakes made and wrong fabrics chosen, but hopefully you will see that it is achievable without overspending and sacrificing style and quality.

Feel free to interact with hope is that we learn from and encourage each other along our design paths....Until next time...

Ready, Set, Design.......

Posted by cristialyse on March 11, 2012 at 6:19PM | Permalink | 0 Comments