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July 2015

Spring Forward: 2~N~1 Easter & Spring Centerpiece

Part 2 of our Spring Forward Series details how to make a fabulous, yet multi-use centerpiece for Easter and Spring.  Centerpieces really bring a table to life, particularly if you do not plan to completely dress it with placemats, napkins, place settings, etc.  Holiday centerpieces are extra fun, especially if they can be easily altered to work throughout the season.  Here’s how I created a lovely centerpiece for the dining room.

Supplies for 2~N~1 Easter & Spring Centerpiece included:  

    • (3) Green Foam Floral Rings, 7⅞" 
    • (1) 24-Pack Mini Easter Eggs
    • (1) 12-Pack Patterned Easter Eggs
    • (6) Lily Floral Garden Flower Bunch
    • (2-3) Crafters Square Clear Accent Gems, 14-oz. Bags
    • (1) Clear Glass Bouquet Vases, 8"
    • (1) Glue Sticks 20 Pieces/Pk
    • Scotch Tape
    • Craft Scissors (Regular scissors will work to cut flowers if you don’t have craft scissors)
    • (1) Hot Melt Glue Gun ~ Dollar General $3.00
    • (1) Floral Stem Wire - Green 39 Pieces/Pk (35 ga) ~ Michaels $1.99/Pk
    • Pink Ruffle Table Runner w/ Pre-Attached Adhesive  (Reclaimed the ones I used from a friend’s recent bridal shower. LOL! Hey, if it’s destined for the trash and you can use it, it doesn’t hurt to ask the host, while cleaning up, if you can have it.  However, if you have to purchase it, it can be found at your local crafts or party store. ;-P )
    • Half of a Empty Paper Towel Roll (your nearest kitchen ;-P )

I worked on this project across 3 days and it took a total of 6 hours.  Many of the supplies were purchased from Dollar Tree for $18.00. I spent an additional $5.00 between Dollar General and Michaels for a total project cost of $23.00.

Step 1:  Wrap Green Foam Floral Rings
Cut one Pink Ruffle Table Runner into 3 pieces.  Cut the ruffled end off and save it for another project.  With one of the remaining runner pieces, wrap one Green Foam Floral Ring completely and secure with Scotch Tape and Floral Stem Wire.  Once completely wrapped, cut inner ring out of wreath and secure with tape and wire.  Don’t worry if it looks a mess inside of the ring because it will not be seen once other centerpiece components are added.  Repeat step for remaining 2 Green Foam Floral Rings using the other 2 Pink Ruffle Table Runner Pieces.

Step 2:  Create Pink Ring Trio & Attach Lily Floral Garden Flower Bunches
Attach two of the wrapped Pink Rings using Floral Stem Wire and seal with hot glue at the center left and center right edge, respectively.  Center third wrapped Pink Ring on top and seal with hot glue.  Wait until Pink Ring Trio is completely dry before adding flowers.  Separate each floral steam from the bunch and cut down stem to desired length.  Insert stem through wreath form.  Secure stem back by tucking excess into wreath form and securing with floral stem wire and hot glue.  Continue adding flowers around edge of upper and bottom tier until Pink Ring Trio is completely covered.

Step 3:  Create Easter Egg Panels
First, cut empty paper towel roll in half.  Take one half (save other for another project) and cut it down the middle.  Take flattened half and cut 2 crescent moon sections out of it.  Next, take a leftover piece of Pink Ruffle Table Runner, cover each crescent moon section, and secure with Scotch Tape.  Once  sections are covered, take 3 Patterned Easter Eggs and attach to each panel with hot glue.  

Step 4:  Create Clear Gem Candle Holder
This portion of the project is simple, yet it’s the most time consuming.  However, I found it to be very relaxing as time progressed. ;-)  Using the hot glue gun, place a dollop of glue on the back of one Crafters Square Clear Accent Gems and attach it to the vase, beginning at the top, pressing very firmly.  Be careful, hot glue will slightly warm glass gem.  Continue in circular pattern until entire vase is covered.  Simple right?!? ;-)

Step 5:  Combine, Arrange, and Enjoy
Add Easter Eggs to Clear Candle Holder in whatever arrangement suits you and place into the upper tier ring center of centerpiece.  Add Easter Egg Panels to lower tier of centerpiece.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your wonderful Easter Centerpiece….

Once the Easter Celebrations are over, remove Easter Eggs from Clear Candle Holder and replace with a pillar candle.  Also, remove Easter Egg Panels from lower tier of centerpiece.  Now you have an equally fabulous centerpiece to carry you throughout spring!

Until next time,

Ready, Set, Celebrate!!! 

Posted by cristialyse on March 31, 2013 at 8:00PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

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