DIY Spring-Summer Wreath
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July 2015

How to Create a Fabulous Door Wreath: Spring-Summer Edition

Nothing makes me happier than creating a new wreath for my front door.  It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to refresh your home and boost your curb appeal.  Having previously shared with you my Fall/Autumn Wreath, below is how I created my Spring/Summer Wreath.    Made with easy to find materials that won’t break your décor budget, this wreath will make your front door stand out from your neighbors, create a welcoming display for your guest, and hopefully, relax your nerves as you create something fabulous for your home.

Spring/Summer Wreath Supplies:

    • 1-2 Pks of 16-18” Moss Sheets from Michaels $6.99/pk
    • Craft Scissors (7in) ~ Dollar General $2.00 {Regular Scissors will also work; however, the Craft Scissors are more versatile.
    • Hot Melt Glue Gun ~ Dollar General $3.00
    • Glue Sticks 20 Pieces/Pk ~ Dollar Tree $1.00/Pk
    • 18” Green Bevel Ring ~ Hobby Lobby $11.99 {The size of the ring can vary depending on how large you want your wreath to be. Referred to as wreath form below.}
    • 3-4 Oversized Orchid Stems in multiple colors ~ Michaels $4.99 {I used white, green, and magenta orchid stems}
    • Floral Stem Wire - Green 39 Pieces/Pk (35 ga) ~ Michaels $1.99/Pk {Interchangeable with Floral Spool Wire; depends on your preference.  I used this one.}

STEP 1:  Cover the Wreath Form

Using the Moss Sheets, Floral Stem Wire, and Hot Glue Gun, cover the Wreath Form completely.  First, wrap the wreath form with the moss sheets and secure with the floral stem wire.  Once moss sheet is in place, permanently secure with hot glue gun.  It’s okay to cut moss sheets to get them to fit snuggly around the wreath form prior to using hot glue gun.  The object is to completely wrap the wreath form, and since it’s going to be covered in Orchids, it doesn’t have to look perfect.

STEP 2:  Add Orchid Stems

Cut the stems down on the Orchids to just below the last flower.  Select the color Orchid you would like to use first, and then carefully, wrap it around the wreath form, securing it with floral stem wire as you go.  Once the orchid is in place around wreath form, permanently secure with hot glue gun by placing hot glue under the wrapped stem, not the flowers.  Spread flowers out to identify the gaps and then repeat using another Orchid in a different color starting in one of the gaps.  Repeat again using a different color Orchid if necessary.

STEP 3: Add Wreath Centerpiece

Cut the bulbs from the remanding Orchid Stem and tie together using the Floral Stem Wire.  Secure the bulbs to the center the wreath with them hanging downward.  

STEP 4:  Let Dry & Enjoy!!!

Hang on a wreath hook or hanger from a door in your house to dry overnight.  If you do not have either one of those, you can lay it flat to dry completely.  Once dry, hang proudly from your front door and let everyone see your fabulous wreath and watch your creative hard-work pay off!

Until next time…

Ready, Set, Create!!!  

Posted by cristialyse on July 29, 2013 at 6:25PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

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