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July 2015

Spring Forward: Easy DIY Easter Display

is in the air...everywhere you look around!  In addition to setting our clocks forward an hour, if you’re like me, then you’re probably resetting your home decor as well.  After a long, random winter, I’m more than ready to change out my door wreath, floral arrangements, pillows, hand towels, garden, and anything else that needs to reflect the changing season.
Easter was a really big deal in my household growing up.  Between practicing Easter speeches for church, picking out Easter dresses & suits, and helping our mother cook Sunday Dinner, it was definitely an exciting time in our home.  One of my favorite childhood memories, is my mother setting up her annual Easter Displays throughout our home.  She would have Easter Bunnies, dyed eggs, candy-filled eggs, jelly beans, Easter grass...the works!  Now that I am a homeowner, I wanted to continue that tradition and create my own Easter Display.  I had no idea what it would look like, but I knew I wanted all the essentials my mother used to be represented.  Luckily, one of my favorite stores for craft materials, Dollar Tree, provided everything I needed and at a reasonable price.  
Supplies for my Easter Display included:  
    • (2) Floral Support Arranger Green Foam Blocks, 3 ⅞” sq. 
    • (1) 24-Pack Mini Easter Eggs
    • (2) Easter Bunny Chair Covers
    • (4) Floral Garden Assorted Flower Bunch
    • (1) Easter Grass (Multiple colors available.  I chose the bag with green, yellow, and pink grass included)
    • (2) 16” X 16” Pillows (Used pillows I already had.  Pillows up to 18” X 18” will also work)
    • Pink Ruffle Table Runner w/ Pre-Attached Adhesive  (Reclaimed the ones I used from a friend’s recent bridal shower. LOL! Hey, if it’s destined for the trash and you can use it, it doesn’t hurt to ask the host, while cleaning up, if you can have it.  However, if you have to purchase it, it can be found at your local crafts or party store. ;-P )
    • Scotch Tape
    • Craft Scissors (Regular scissors will work to cut flowers if you don’t have craft scissors)
Total time for DIY Project was about 35 minutes and I spent $10.90 on supplies from Dollar Tree.

Step 1:  Cover table with Pink Ruffle Runner.
The “table” for this project is actually a marble topped buffet server that sits in my dining room.  This server has become the go-to spot in my home for holiday displays.  (See Instagram for my Christmas Display) Attach Pink Ruffle Runner upside down along the edges of your table and tuck the excess runner behind it.  Feel free to cut and adjust the size of your runner as required by the dimensions of the table.

Step 2:  Create Ruffled Floral Vase
Take excess Pink Ruffle Runner used in Step 1 and cut it in half (piece should be about 6-7” in length at ruffle end).  Cover one Floral Support Arranger Green Foam Block with the runner leaving the ruffle portion loose.  Secure with Scotch Tape and repeat step with second Floral Support Arranger Green Foam Block.

Step 3:  Arrange Floral Garden Assorted Flowers in Ruffled Floral Vase
First, separate the stems of the Floral Garden Assorted Flowers so that there is a clear spot to cut stem from floral bunch.  Arrange Floral Garden Assorted Flowers in vase at different heights by placing the stems through the top of the ruffled vase.  Don’t worry about the little holes the stems will cause in ruffled vase, it won’t be visible once displayed.

Step 4:  Create Easter Bunny
Place one pillow in each Easter Bunny Chair Cover and adjust as necessary.  There will be extra material at the bottom.

Step 5:  Arrange Easter Display
How you place your items is completely up to you.  I suggest you place the Easter Bunnies first, so that you can have a focal point to base your spacing from.  Next, the Ruffle Vase Floral Arrangements, Easter Grass, and Mini Easter Eggs.  Get creative and show your Easter Spirit!!!

Spring forward and take your home decor to a new, creative level by celebrating your favorite Spring Holiday.  I’m sure my display will grow as the month goes on and I find more Easter items.  Don’t be afraid to add to your display.  Let it evolve has the month and your shopping trips continues…
Until next time…

Ready, Set, Celebrate!!!  
Posted by cristialyse on March 10, 2013 at 11:00PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

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