How Do I Clean My Electric Kettle
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July 2015

Dear Diva: How Do I Clean My Electric Kettle?

Dear Diva,
I make hot tea and/or coffee with my electric kettle every morning before I go to work and throughout the day on weekends.  Lately, I’ve noticed a white residue that’s hard to wash off on the bottom of it.  How do I get my electric kettle clean?  Can you suggest a cleaning product I should buy?  I’m afraid the white residue will taint my morning ritual.  Help, Help, Help!!!
Dirty Kettle :-(
Dear Dirty Kettle,
The white residue on the bottom of your electric kettle is actually calcified mineral deposits from the tap water being used.  Although generally harmless, these mineral deposits, once calcified, can affect the quality of your boiled water and shorten the life span of your electric kettle. Cleaning your electric kettle is simple and will not require any expensive cleaning product to get the job done.  All you need is water and white vinegar.  Fill your electric kettle half way with water and the other half with white vinegar.  Turn it on and let the mixture come to a boil and boil out until there is only a small layer of water on the bottom of the kettle.  Turn off and refill kettle to the full line with only water, turn on, and let the water boil down again.  Next, turn off and unplug the kettle, and wash out the inside with a dish cloth and hot, soapy water.  This will clean any left over vinegar from inside the kettle.  DO NOT place electric kettle in sink of water.  This will damage the kettle.  After washing and rinsing out the electric kettle, place upside down on a towel to allow it to dry completely.  Once dry, the electric kettle is ready to use again.  {Side Note:  In a pinch, I’ve also used apple cider vinegar when I’ve run out of white vinegar.  It also works, you just have to clean it a little longer with the soapy water to make sure the apple cider vinegar residue is completely removed.}  
Happy Sipping!!! ;-)
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Until next time…

Ready, Set, Ask!!! 
Posted by cristialyse on June 06, 2013 at 6:20PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

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