My New Love Affair with Wall Decals
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July 2015

My New Love Affair with Wall Decals

Reusable wall decals, once a figment of all wallpaper phobic imaginations (mine included) are now a reality.  Combine that with my love of peacocks and unique wall art and this Décor Diva was hooked.  While researching wall decals, removable wallpaper, and interesting 3-D Wall Art, I was introduced to Dezign With A Z.  This fabulous Home & Wall Décor site offers wall art, wall stickers, and wall decals that will please every member of your family in multiple categories includingFloral Wall Decals, Nursery Wall Decals, Sports Wall Decals, Tree Wall Decals, Reusable Wall Murals, Wall Mirrors, Decal Coat Racks, Wall Clock Stickers, Glow in the Dark Decals, and Writable Decals.  The expansive product line also offers customizable wall decals for a totally unique piece of art.  Available in a range of sizes, colors, and textures, the products at Dezign With A Z are my new favorite things.  Best yet, the products are reasonably priced, easy to install, and beautiful.  Continue below for details on how I installed my Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Mirror Wall Decal

The installation of my Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Wall Mirror took about 20 min to install (including the time it took to snap pictures for you) and was surprisingly easy to do.  The included instructions were easy to follow and eight steps later, I had a fabulous and functional new piece of wall art.   The first thing I like to do when installing wall art or assembling furniture is to unpack everything and review what parts/pieces I have versus what the instruction sheet says I need.  This is to troubleshoot a potential installation “oh no” by making sure I have all of the parts that I need.  You never want to be half-way through assembling or installing something and realize that the bag of screws you need to finish is missing.  Always Check First!!!  Having everything I needed, I jumped head first into bringing this fabulous peacock to life on my wall.

Included in installation kit:  Peacock Vinyl Wall Decal, Mirrors, Mirror Adhesive, and Rubber Squeegee

Step 1:  Prep Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Wall Decal for Wall Placement

“Lay your decal on a rigid flat surface.  Firmly rub over the decal with the rubber squeegee (included), to make sure the vinyl will properly adhere to the transplant application tape.”  This step proved to be easy enough and the squeegee turned out to be the perfect size to really go over the decal and make sure it was adhered well to the application tape.  

Step 2:  Remove Backing from Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Wall Decal

“Remove the white paper back making sure the vinyl decal properly sticks to the transfer tape.  If vinyl elements don’t easily adhere to the tape, place the entire decal face down onto the flat surface, then pull the white paper back again.”  Having gone over the decal several times in Step 1, I didn’t have any problems removing the white paper backing from the decal.  

Step 3:  Apply Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Wall Decal to Wall

“Position the vinyl decal on the desired surface.  Smooth the top edge onto the surface and firmly smooth out the tape all the way down, using the rubber squeegee.  Avoid bubbles & wrinkles.”  Wall placement was not hard, however, because I’m vertically challenged and installing solo, I wasn’t sure I placed it on the wall straight.  However, the beauty and genius of wall decals is that being slightly off center doesn’t distract from the design.  Moral of the step…don’t fret. 

Step 4:  Squeegee Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Wall Decal on Wall

“Firmly rub over the entire tape using the rubber squeegee:  make sure the vinyl decal is strongly and evenly adhering to the wall surface!”  Very important step, when done correctly, it will decrease the amount of redo in the following step.

Step 5:  Peel Transparent Application Tape from Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Wall Decal

“Lift up one corner of the transparent application tape and slowly peel it with a rolling action onto the wall.  If part of the decal stays on the tape, simply roll the tape back onto the wall, firmly rub over and peel it off again.”  Another Lesson Learned…slowly peel back transparent application tape to decrease tearing decal.  I noticed that on the smaller edges of the Peacock Wall Decal, I needed to go over them again to get them to separate cleanly from the transparent application tape.  Patience is key here.

Step 6:  Smooth Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Mirror Wall Decal

“Remove air bubbles (if any) by rubbing over the decal with a clean cloth (you can also poke bubbles with a fine needle & then smooth it out).  Rub over the entire decal very firmly, several times to avoid peeling off overtime!!!”  Another very important step, you wouldn’t want your guest to be admiring your fabulous wall art and it starts to peel off on them. ;-P

Step 7:  Apply Double Sided Tape to Mirrors

“Make sure you place the tape evenly onto the back surface of the mirror.  Double check your dimensions and placement before installing.”  My recommendation when working with a surface and double sided tape is to measure the length of the surface you’ll be adhering the tape too (in this case the mirror) and cut the tape for half of that length. 

Step 8:  Apply Mirrors to Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Mirror Wall Decal

“Remove the white backing from the double sided tape and position the mirror on your wall.  Press firmly to make sure your mirror strongly adheres to the surface.  Be aware that the double sided pate may not be the most appropriate and/or the most durable way to attach your mirror depending on the surface; in some cases we recommend to check with a professional to confirm the most appropriate way to install your mirror.”  Last, but not least, apply the mirror to the Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Mirror Wall Decal and be sure to apply pressure on the mirror to make sure it’s sticking to your wall.  There’s more than enough double sided tape included just in case you need to use more to re-secure the mirrors later.  

This step was delightful and rewarding because I could finally see the design come to life.  Nothing’s more rewarding than completing an install, no matter how small or large, because it’s the realization of a design vision and a constant reminder to empower you for your next project.  

All in all, I’m so pleased with the Turquoise Peacock Acrylic Mirror Wall Decal.  The installation was fun and exciting and once done, as I stepped back and admired my handy work, a sense of pride and accomplishment swept over me.  I can’t wait to go back to the Dezign With A Z site and find my next project and you shouldn’t wait either.  Their designs breathe life into a room and will certainly breathe life into your design confidence.  

Until Next Time…

Ready, Set, Dezign With Wall Decals!!!

Posted by cristialyse on October 10, 2013 at 8:53AM | Permalink | 0 Comments

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