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July 2015

Refurbishing My Baker’s Rack:

Taking it from Blah to Badaboom!
In my quest to decorate my new home on a budget, I’ve tried to repurpose and reuse as much of my existing furnishings as possible.  Whether it’s the sofa set I’ve had for 6 years or my breakfast table, reusing existing pieces is a great way to save your decorating budget.   Sometimes, your existing furnishings aren’t reuse-ready.  However, with a little love and a whole lot of elbow grease, you too can transform an existing piece into something truly fabulous!  
That’s just what I did with a hand me down Baker’s Rack that I received from a family friend when I graduated from college.  It was well used, but still in working shape.  So I shipped it to Arizona, spray painted it black, and bought a lace runner to cover the wooden part.  It sat next to the front door of my apartment for almost 4 years in all it’s have-done glory. LOL! Oh, how I could have benefited from reading a design book or at least the latest issue of Better Homes and Garden.  ;-)

Well, time passed and the Baker’s Rack made it’s way back to Alabama into another apartment and then a house. When I moved into my new home, I made it a priority to do something with that Baker’s Rack and make it as fabulous as I could while maintaining its functionality. One night while reading one of my favorite design magazines (HGTV Magazine) I came across the “Mission Makeover” article which illustrates how people repurpose their furniture and make it into something new and improved. After reading this feature many times, it gave me the courage to try my hand at it as well. What better project to start with than my Baker’s Rack.

So after a trip to my local Home Depot for some supplies (sandpaper, Bronze Spray Paint, stencils, screws, bolts, sponge rollers, stencil brushes, painter’s tape, Wood Stain in Honey, and Glidden Paint in Peacock Blue), I was off on my Blah to Badaboom Adventure!!!

Phase 1: Preparing the Baker’s Rack for a Fabulous Face Lift...
After placing the Baker’s Rack on my back porch, on top of plenty of newspaper, I began by first adding new screws and bolts to the missing sockets. I guess while moving the Baker’s Rack across the country twice, some bolts and screws didn’t make the journey in tact. LOL! Next, I cleaned and sanded the entire Baker’s Rack including the wooden table. Sanding the metal portions was needed to get all the black spray paint off and make the metal smooth so the new bronze spray paint would adhere with no problems. After dusting off the sandpaper residue, I wiped it down with a clorox wipe and let it dry completely.

Phase 2: A little paint goes a long way…

Now was the moment of truth, time to spray paint the Baker’s Rack. I spray painted the metal portions of the Baker’s Rack with the Rust-Oleum Universal 11-oz. Gloss Rustic Mist Metallic Spray Paint and Primer in 1. I didn’t bother covering the wooden table with anything because I figured I could re-sand down any excess paint residue. In hindsight, I probably should have covered it with something so that the re-sanding would not be as time consuming. Lesson Learned ;-)

Phase 3: Re-Sand to Revamp...
Since I didn’t cover the wooden table of the Baker’s Rack, I had to re-sand it to get the excess spray paint off. Also, dust off the sandpaper residue. No biggie though; it was more a nuisance than a major problem. Next I stained the wooden table using the sponge roller brush and the Minwax 8 oz. Oil Based Honey Wood Finish Interior Stain going in the direction of the wood grain. This method, I found, gave the most even coverage of stain. I applied about 2-3 coats of stain until the desired color I wanted was achieved. The number of coats is completely up to you, so do as little or as much as you like. ;-)

Phase 4: Stencil away…
After allowing a few hours of drying time for the stain, I applied the DecoArt 8.5 x 11 in. Jacobean Floral Stencil about 3in away from the left edge of the Baker’s Rack and held it in place with painter’s tape. Using the stencil brushes, I dabbed the Glidden Paint in Peacock Blue onto the wood. Now, I dabbed the paint because I wanted a more textured look to my stencil. Feel free to use long, even strokes if texture isn’t your thing. That’s the best thing about this project because you can customize it wherever you feel necessary. ;-) I repeated this step from 3in from the right edge of the Baker’s Rack to achieve my double stencil look.

Phase 5: Let dry and Enjoy your Fabulous New Piece…
I completed this project for under $30 including all of my supplies, even the paint. At most home project stores, like Home Depot, you can get a sample of paint for under $3!!! If you don’t require much for your project, I advise you go this route. There was more than enough after doing two stencils for another project. (I revamped a lamp). Also, save on brushes by visiting your local Dollar Tree or Dollar General. I got my sponge roller brush from Dollar Tree for $1 and it was a 2-pack set! ;-)

Most importantly, remember that this is YOUR PROJECT and you should have FUN doing it.  One of the most rewarding parts of crafting and decorating for me is having fun, being creative with my hands...and of course, sharing my adventure with you. ;-)

Until next time...

Ready, Set, Revamp!!!
Posted by cristialyse on January 25, 2013 at 10:37PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

posted by Jessica O.

I just found this article and I have the exact rack. Just spent the morning repainting mine and I'm glad to see you painted over the gold corner thingy's as well. Waiting for it dry and tomorrow I will work on the wood. Your's looks really good! Hope mine turns out the same!

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