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July 2015

The Fab 4 & Their Homes: Celebrating Sex and the City's 15th Anniversary

“A lot of [stuff] went down in this apartment.  Attention must be paid.”
~ Samantha Jones, Sex and the City The Movie (2008)

Sophisticated, Aspirational, Glamorous, Legendary, Sexy, Entertaining… Sex and the City!! The ground-breaking, colossally chic, cultural phenomenon that introduced us all to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and Manolo Blahnik, celebrated its 15th Anniversary on June 6th.  June 6, 1998 also introduced us to the 5th main character of the dynamic series, New York City!  From Charlotte’s Upper East Side Apartment and Carrie’s Brownstone in Manhattan to Miranda’s Townhouse in Brooklyn and Samantha’s Sexy Apartment in the Meat Packing District, SATC introduced us to love, life, and real estate in the Big Apple.

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of my FAVORITE SHOW of ALL TIME, let’s take a closer look at the places where our Fab 4 not only called home, but where they shared living in New York with the world.

Charlotte’s Upper East Side Apartment

Charlotte York’s traditional, yet airy design aesthetic was just what I always thought an Upper East Side Apartment would look like.  With its expensive finishes, grand furniture, and crystal chandeliers, the York residence was Charlotte’s personality on display.  Her love of neutrals, light pink decor, white sofas, and rigid, yet sturdy furniture displayed her soft and romantic side while illustrating her strength and unyielding devotion to her friends.

Miranda’s Brooklyn Townhouse

Loyal, Successful, & Savvy…Miranda Hobbes homes’ showed off her legal eagle personality just as much as her unexpected motherly instinct.  Her clean line, modern, yet cozy apartment demonstrated that she was a powerful woman on the move who still enjoyed sitting in front of the TiVo watching reruns of “Jules & MiMi.”  Miranda’s love for metallic finished home décor, neutral paint, and busy tabletops illustrated her need for simplistic spaces with pops of pizazz to compliment her workaholic life.  That is…until she had Brady and married Steve.  Miranda’s Brooklyn Townhouse showed a more evolved, organized, and mature Miranda who realized that she didn’t have to sacrifice pizazz just because she was a working mother.

Samantha’s Sexy Apartment in the Meat Packing District

Samantha Jones’s sexy apartment was the epitome of a passion lair.  From the full length mirror facing the bed, to the minimalist, yet exposed kitchen, Samantha’s apartment captured her free, social, and sexy personality.  Her love of red and open cabinets displayed her passion for life and for living it out loud for the entire world to see.  The soft blues and neutrals Samantha sprinkled throughout her apartment illustrated her soft, romantic side that we rarely saw…until her relationships with Richard Wright and Smith Jared, that is.

Carrie’s Brownstone in Manhattan

Stylish, Expensive, and sometimes Impractical, Carrie Bradshaw’s closet and wardrobe were another character in its own right on the show.  However, her Manhattan Brownstone was a cozy and comfortable place for her to live, write, and love.  Its warm tones, over-sized – pattern mixing furniture, and slightly dis-shelved ambiance illustrated a woman who could pull it together and display her best self for the world even though her love life was a mess.  Additionally, Carrie’s Holly Golightly style of keeping her phone under the bed or stacked on books on the floor shows that she is a consistently supportive friend who’s always available for her friends, no matter how inconvenient.  Remember when Miranda went into labor when she was on her last date with Mr. Big before he moved to California?

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde further immortalized SATC by creating a hand drawn rendering of Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment from the television series.  The hand drawn plan is illustrated with color pencils and includes full details of furniture, fabric, timbers, and complements.  You can order a copy of the print in Small ($68.14), Medium ($102.21), and Large ($136.28) via Iñaki’s Esty Site

Sex and the City changed television forever and displayed the dynamic and fabulous friendships that women can have with each other, their wardrobes, and their homes…

Until next time…

Ready, Set, Celebrate SATC!!! 

Posted by cristialyse on June 17, 2013 at 6:00PM | Permalink | 0 Comments

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