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July 2015

Laid Out: My Search for a Fabulous & Functional Rug

Open, inviting, yet empty, my dining room was in serious need of furniture and furnishings.  First step, in the journey of transforming this space was to find a great area rug that sticks to my design mantra of being fabulous and functional. Finding a fabulous rug is easy. Finding a functional one, well that’s a matter of defining what function, other than lying on the floor, you want it to serve.  A functional rug for me is one that’s soft enough to walk on barefoot without feeling any course fibers.  It should also be well suited for sitting chairs or a table on it so that if you need to drag a chair across it, there will not be any ripping or damage to the rug. A functional rug should also be the right size for the room, especially when it’s for a dining room.  Unless you want a wall-to-wall rug, then make sure you measure the area in the room where you want to rug to lay and buy a rug according to that. 

Since going into my rug hunt, I knew that it would be under my dining room table, I wanted to make sure that it met all my functional criteria and yet, still be stylish in its design.  Now I know traditionally, people often placed neutral colored rugs (if any) under their dining room tables.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with jazzing up your rug, even if it’s under a piece of furniture.  The exposed parts will be a welcomed sight to your guest and only add to the overall design of the room.  Having previously purchased a rug set for my home from Bed, Bath and Beyond, I first searched my local store as well as online.  

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Design Guide: Turquoise Home Decor

Blue is my favorite color, always has been. Over the years, my love of Blue has expanded to include every shade of Blue, from cerulean-to-teal-to-cobalt-to-navy. One of my favorite shades of Blue is Turquoise. This light blue with a tinge of green color reminds me of the cool waters of a tropical ocean, serene and peaceful. Lovely on its own or with complimentary shades, turquoise is a very versatile and beautiful color to decorate your home with, whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, or den. Personally, I have it all over my house in an arrangement of lamps, art work, candles, pillows, throws, serve-ware, etc. Below are just a few delightful and fabulous items I’ve found in turquoise that will surely had a little dazzle dazzle to your home. </p>

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