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July 2015

A Diva's Year: Best of 2013 Part II

</p> <p>Part II includes the last seven of the 13 features that round out our "best of" list.  From Holiday Centerpieces, Designer Profiles, and Dear Diva Q&A to Design Guides, Entertaining with Style, and Interior Inspirations, we hope these articles inspire your next Home Decor Purchase, DIY, and Home Improvement Project.

Part 2 of our Spring Forward Series details how to make a fabulous, yet multi-use centerpiece for Easter and Spring.  Centerpieces really bring a table to life, particularly if you do not plan to completely dress it with placemats, napkins, place settings, etc.  Holiday centerpieces are extra fun, especially if they can be easily altered to work throughout the season.  Here’s how I created a lovely centerpiece for the dining room.  Continue reading here…

<span style="font-size: medium;">Designer, Author, Talk Show Host, Expert…Nate Berkus wears many hats and wears them well. I fell in love with Nate back in college when I saw him on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Never before had I witnessed interior design be so accessible yet chic for any size space, at any budget. His attention to detail as he transformed his client’s space left me in awe because of its beauty, function, and true reflection of the client’s needs. Nate’s design tips made me feel like my small, dark dorm room could be as fabulous as I could imagine it. Plus, he was GORGEOUS!!! ;-)  <a href="" target="_blank">Continue reading here…


Dear Diva:  What Everyday Items Can I Use to Clean My House?
</p> <p>

<span style="font-size: medium;">

I’ve received several questions asking me what everyday items I use to clean my house.  With all the expenses and news articles regarding the latest breakthrough cleaning products, a lot of us are looking for alternative products to clean our homes, while saving money at the same time.  I’ve previously shared with you how I clean my electric kettle, below is a few tips I have for cleaning other items in my home with everyday items.  Continue reading here…</p> <p></p> <p>

New Host Alert:  Soleil Moon Frye to Host "Home Made Simple" on OWN
</p> <p>
Mention Punky Brewster to any child of the 80’s and a fun, mischievous, exciting wave of nostalgia twinkles in their eyes and sweeps across their faces into the biggest smile.  Well, Punky’s all grown up and joining Season 3 of Home Made Simple on the OWN Network as its new host.  Continue reading here...


Design Guide:  Turquoise Home Decor
</p> <p>

<span style="font-size: medium;">


Blue is my favorite color, always has been. Over the years, my love of Blue has expanded to include every shade of Blue, fromcerulean-to-teal-to-cobalt-to-navy. One of my favorite shades of Blue is Turquoise. This light blue with a tinge of green color reminds me of the cool waters of a tropical ocean, serene and peaceful. Lovely on its own or with complimentary shades, turquoise is a very versatile and beautiful color to decorate your home with, whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, or den. Personally, I have it all over my house in an arrangement of lamps, art work, candles, pillows, throws, serve-ware, etc. Below are just a few delightful and fabulous items I’ve found in turquoise that will surely had a little dazzle dazzle to your home.  Continue reading here...</p> <p>

Interior Inspiration:  Easy Tweaks to Update Your Home
</p> <p>
Every so often, mostly as the seasons change, I like to make small changes around my home.  Some of the simplest, most inexpensive ways to boost my mood, is to update things around my house.  Whether it's changing out the pillows on my sofa from Navy Blue and Peacock prints and to my Missoni for Target Pillows I lovingly dubbed"Missoni Madness" or swapping out my placemats and center piece on my breakfast table, little changes around the home can increase your sense of accomplishment and break up some of the routine of life that we all fall in too from time to time.  Continue reading here...</p> <p></p>

Entertaining With Style:  Threshold Dinnerware & Serveware
</p> <p>
From the time I was a little girl, I have such great memories of my mother hosting meetings with her sorority sisters or community leaders at our home. The grace, elegance, and pride she took in not only preparing the food for her meetings, but also in presenting them to her guest, really had a major impact on me and inspired me to do the same.  Continue reading here…</p> <p>
Until Next Time…
</p> <p>Ready, Set, Journey On!!!
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Interior Inspiration: Design Tips for Small Spaces

Whether it was your college dorm room, your first apartment, or even your room at your parents’ house, we’ve all been faced with the challenges that come with decorating a small space.  My tried and true rule for decorating small spaces is to not overcrowd the room with furniture.  If I must use a large piece of furniture, then I generally limit it to only one piece and make sure it serves a functional as well as stylish purpose. Another decorating rule I design by is to use small accent pieces and large mirrors to make the space look larger.

This month’s
Interior Inspiration centers on the premise that small spaces don’t have to sacrifice style and functionality.  With a few tips and the right pieces, your small space can look stylish and also be a functional space for you to live and work in.

Continue reading here
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