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July 2015

Don't Fear Change...Embrace It!

Many things have happened in my life over the course of the last year and as a result, I took some time away from The Diva Design Diaries to reflect and renew. THANK YOU to everyone who continued to visit and share the site during this period. It is MUCH APPRECIATED!! </p>

During this time, I resigned from my job of 9 years to step out on faith and take my career in a new direction. Still an Engineer, just working in a completely new industry. I also moved from my beloved home to a new state, downsized my living space, and began the task of rebuilding my life in a new area. Whew!!! A lot of change in a short span of time. <span style="font-size: large;">☺

Change is one thing that I have always been comfortable with. Whether its small changes like deciding to ditch my relaxer and go natural or a big change like putting myself back into the job market during the Great Recession, I have always viewed change as a necessary evolution and not a cause for panic. During my Freshman Year at Tuskegee University, our Freshman Week Theme was "Don't fear change, embrace it!" I was inspired by that message then and have continued to carry it as my mantra ever since.</p> <p>
During this interval of change, I have learned many things about myself, grown as a person, and now feel comfortable sharing this expansion with you. With this in mind, great changes are coming to The Diva Design Diaries. In addition to operating on a new platform and having a new look, the offerings of the site will now include themed sections such as: Career & Entrepreneurship, Inspirational Motivation, Lifestyle & Travel, and as always DIY & Interior Design. Additionally, a new shopping site, Cristi Alyse Designs, will be launching where you can shop both my products and curated products from other talented designers. Stay Tuned!!!</p> <p>Time is filled with swift transitions…Change is inevitable and always exciting! 

Until Next Time…

Ready, Set, Change!!!

Posted by cristialyse on July 08, 2015 at 11:25AM | Permalink | 0 Comments